Monday, May 18, 2009

Republican Leaders Identify Funding for REAP

House Budget Chairman Ken Miller and Senate Budget Chairman Mike Johnson have announced a budget development on Rural Economic Action Plan funding. House and Senate leaders have identified a revenue source to fund the REAP at last year’s level less a standard 7 percent cut for the program. The revenue source will come from Senate Bill 658 by Sen. Aldridge and Rep. Nelson. SB 658 is set to increase the fine for delinquent tag renewal from $0.25 to $1 a day.

“REAP funding has always been a priority of the Senate Republican caucus and I am proud we have found a way to provide these funds to this program,” said Johnson, R-Kingfisher.

“Because of the vast infrastructure needs of rural Oklahoma, the House has been fighting for REAP funding since day one. Unfortunately, at the end of budget negotiations the funding was removed. This solution was found within the current budget agreement framework by redirecting monies to the program. This will enhance the economic development of the rural areas of our state, and in turn our state as a whole,” said Miller, R-Edmond.

"REAP is an important program for our rural communities," said Nelson, R-Oklahoma City, "and I'm pleased our bill is able to provide the funding needed next year. I commend Rep. Miller and Senator Johnson for their committment to this program and their hard work to find the appropriate funding source."
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