Thursday, July 1, 2010

State Senate Plans Interim Studies

The Oklahoma State Senate has approved interim studies for this summer and fall.

Below is a list of the approved studies with the name of the Senator and the topic of the study. The complete list with details can be found on the Senate website.

Anderson - Covenant Marriage Proposals

Anderson - 911 funding

Anderson - State Pension systems to a defined contribution plan for new hires

Anderson and Barrington - Safety Training for Display Fireworks shows

Ballenger - Bonding levels for contractors and roofers

Bingman - Oklahoma's Methamphetamine laws and rules

Burrage - Residential Assistance Living and the rising costs of fines and fees

Crain - Privatization of Childrens Protective Services @ DHS

Crain - Review & modification of services @ DHS Developmental Disabilities

Eason McIntyre - Interim Study on Breast Cancer; corraborate with Ann Pate at Health Department

Ford - Unfair Sales Act

Jolley - What state assets can be given/turned over to some of our retirement systems to manage to improve their capitalization?

Jolley - How can we completely overhaul Oklahoma's tax code to (a) be more competitive with other states/countries, and (b) improve the ability of local communities to support schools and city government functions? Have other states/countries done similar things?

Jolley - What state government agencies, boards and commissions offer functions that are duplicitous with federal counterparts?

Jolley - What models of Education Governance nationally yield the most effective and best results for achieving a high level of education attainment and productivity.

Jolley - Would adoption of a regional graduation standard assist in economic development?

Jolley - What steps should the legislature take to better inform policy decisions in education based off of research and data? What free research opportunities can the state take advantage of?

Jolley - Where is Oklahoma in national comparisons through the Data Quality Campaign's "10 State Actions to Ensure Effective Data Use" and Achieve's "American Diploma Project?

Jolley - Should the state replace the current testing systems prior to common assessments being made available?

Jolley - What steps should Oklahoma take to ensure preparedness for high school by elementary and middle school?

Schulz - Non-profit vending machine tax stamps

Sparks and Anderson - Gross production tax revenue and expenditures

Sparks - Viability of legalizing direct to consumer shipping of wine in Oklahoma

Stanislawski - Creating Administrative Efficiencies focusing on Dependent School Districts
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