Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Protest Over Education Funding Priorities Planned

A group calling itself Educators for Facts, Openness, Responsibility, and Truth (EFFORT) is planning to hold a demonstration against State Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi at 10 a.m this Thursday, July 7, at the Cox Convention Center.
The group is frustrated with the priorities Barresi used to develop next year’s education budget. 
Barresi said her first priority was to focus on core areas of student learning and achievement. In particular, Barresi decided to protect funding for reading instruction, support for rigorous coursework and helping students meet graduation requirements.
Barresi acknowledged in a press release, “This is a challenging year, but I believe we’ve been able to strike a good balance by making sure that the needs of students are met first and foremost.”

Some of the signs the group suggests for the protest include the following: 

“640,000 students need COMPETENCE, not CHAOS!”
”Barresi is WRONG!”
”Barresi Blows Budget! “
“Save Oklahoma Schools”

The group does not explain how directing limited funds directly to students in the classroom is wrong or harms students. 
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