Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oklahoma Couple Starts Special Needs Ministry

A young Oklahoma couple has launched a new ministry inspired by their young son Kash who has special needs.
Eric and Mykel McFall’s mission is to make churches aware of the opportunities and need to minister to families like theirs. 
The Baptist Messenger highlights the McFall family in its February 2, edition. 
Eric and his wife Mykel started McFall Ministries after serving 10 years in youth ministry. Driven by their faith in God and their experience as the parents of a child with special needs the McFalls have a burden “to minister to families and churches … and to help others better understand how to minister to families who have children with special needs.” 
Training church and Sunday school leaders how to encourage and support parents of children with special needs is a particular focus of theirs according to their website.
In the story Eric mentions the high divorce rate among parents with children with special needs.

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