Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blog Milestone: 75,000 Hits and Counting

Oklahoma State Capitol - This blog passed 75,000 hits today. Thank you for using this site as a source of information. 

I don't cover every issue at the Capitol but I do work hard to give readers the high points of education and human services issues along with postings on other timely topics of interest. 

I continue to add helpful state government links in the right-hand columns. 

I've created additional pages on this blog to provide a quick reference to some of my major legislative initiatives. In fact, that is why this Blog was created - to provided information and answers to anyone interested in these initiatives in one location that is accessible day or night. 

You can follow this blog directly through subscription services located in the right-hand columns or keep track of postings through Facebook and Twitter. Links to these accounts are also in the right-hand column under Contact Information.

I hope you continue to find this Blog helpful and please feel free to share it with others. 

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