Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fallin Statement on A-F Report Cards Released by State Board of Education

Governor Mary Fallin released the following statement praising the A-F report cards released today by the State Board of Education. The report cards assign letter grades to Oklahoma public schools.

“As governor, one of my top priorities is to improve the quality of education for students in Oklahoma. Creating an A-F grading system for schools is an essential step in pursuing that goal. Having this new system will allow us to measure progress, recognize and reward schools that perform well, and identify those schools that are in need of improvement.

“The report cards released today give parents, students, teachers and administrators an easy way to identify success. As with any change, especially one that measures performance and demands accountability, these report cards will have their detractors. Ultimately, however, this is about what is fair and right for Oklahoma’s children, who deserve to attend schools with high standards and transparent measures of success.

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