Wednesday, March 6, 2013

OU expert to discuss origins of violent behavior at Sooner SUCCESS public seminar

OKLAHOMA CITY -- (From seminar website) "Childhood Experiences Correlated to Adult Murderers: Are killers conditioned and created or are there just bad seeds destined to cause suffering?   

"These are among the many questions we all share given the recent media featured events involving school shootings, bullying, or violence.  

"Many of these questions influence much of our public policy, communities and families daily. We, like you, are determined to find answers and begin to address through our local communities, the increasing incident of violence among children.  

"With this we invite you to join us March 19th, from 11-1:00pm for our next SUCCESSforlife event with opening remarks by Rep. Jason Nelson as we begin to address these poignant unanswered questions."

Click here to learn more and register for the seminar

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