Friday, March 11, 2011

State of Oklahoma Announces Launch of Twitter

Follow Oklahoma Government Tweets @okgov, Oklahoma’s official website, announced today the creation of an account on the popular social media platform Twitter at Through Twitter, will be able to quickly and efficiently notify the public regarding state agency news, Oklahoma government online services, and information affecting Oklahoma citizens during weather related events.

“This is a great opportunity to allow the public to be connected to information regarding Oklahoma government and news from our state agencies,” says Alex Pettit, State Chief Inf
ormation Officer. “This form of technology allows people to become informed conveniently and in a timely manner.”

The announcement of an Twitter account comes after the announcement that Oklahoma state and local government entities can now use the social media website Facebook. plans to open a Facebook account in the near future.

“These two social media platforms provide Oklahomans an opportunity to keep up with developments in state government as the administration of Gov. Mary Fallin pursues a policy of transparency in government on many levels,” said Preston Doerflinger, director of the OSF and secretary of finance.

To follow’s Twitter, visit and select the “Follow” button. Once following, citizens will receive real-time access to tweets regarding state agency news and Oklahoma government.
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