Monday, March 21, 2011

Treasurer Ken Miller Launches the Oklahoma Economic Report Monthly Newsletter

Statement from Treasurer Ken Miller:

Treasurer Ken Miller
“We are releasing the premiere edition of the Oklahoma Economic Report. We will publish this newsletter each month to deliver business and economic news relevant to our state. We will also provide analysis and commentary on various policy issues as well as a comprehensive look at Oklahoma revenue reports.

“The Treasurer’s Office is excited to be partnering with the Office of State Finance in the issuance of state financial reports to provide better data, analysis and transparency. 

“The Treasurer’s Office will report on total revenues collected, while State Finance will report on the portion of collections deposited to the General Revenue Fund for allocation to state agencies.

“Analysis of overall revenue collections, or “Gross Receipts to the Treasury,” will utilize a complete data set to more accurately gauge state economic performance, since viewing only the General Revenue Fund data subset can understate or exaggerate underlying conditions.

“While the State Finance report on General Revenue Fund allocations provides information important to state agencies for budgetary planning purposes, it is our hope to provide a timely and less obstructed view of our macro economy. 

“Our Gross Receipts Report will be made early each month with a follow-up comparison to the General Revenue Fund report in our Oklahoma Economic Report.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Features and highlights of this month’s edition of the Oklahoma Economic Report include:
  • Data chart tracking Oklahoma’s year-over-year gross receipts
  • Analysis of 71 different revenue sources, which shows that virtually every area of Oklahoma’s economy is improving
  • Commentary by Treasurer Miller on the appropriate size of Oklahoma’s government
  • Data charts reflecting key economic indicators
  • Evaluation of Oklahoma’s pension crisis
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