Friday, April 1, 2011

Governor Fallin Signs Bill to Authorize “Most Wanted” List for Delinquent Parents

Governor Mary Fallin
Governor Mary Fallin today signed into law a bill that authorizes the Department of Human Services to release a “Most Wanted” list of delinquent or missing parents who owe child support.

Senate Bill 576 was authored by Rep. Jason Nelson and Sen. Patrick Anderson.

SB 576 creates a new tool for DHS to find these parents when traditional means have been exhausted. The “Most Wanted” lists may include a delinquent parent’s name, photograph, last known address and amount of child support owed.

“This bill will help DHS leverage community assistance to locate absentee parents and ensure they are fulfilling their obligation to their children,” Fallin said. “No one should be able to avoid child support payments by running off or disappearing and this bill will help to ensure they cannot.”
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