Friday, October 21, 2011

OKDHS Commission Special Review Committee Met Yesterday

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Special Review Committee of the OKDHS Human Services Commission held its first organizational meeting yesterday. 

The Oklahoma Constitution states that the OKDHS Commission "shall formulate policies and adopt rules and regulations for the effective administration of the duties of the department."

"In executing its role, it is incumbent upon the Commission to ensure that such policies, rules or regulations are effective in protecting the lives of children or adults in its custodial care," said Wes Lane, Chair of the Commission's Special Review Committee.

The Special Review Committee will have four primary purposes, said Lane. First, to define those situations, events, or occurrences concerning which it wishes to make a special review, including, but not limited to, the deaths of children or adults in its care. Second, the committee will establish a process in which all agencies and authorities having investigative or other insight on the subject matter can provide such reports or insight to the Committee. Third, the committee will review such information and present findings to the Commission for any necessary action. Fourth, obtain the aid of members of the community in order to expedite such reviews.

The nature of yesterday's meeting was organization, but some matters of confidentiality were also discussed. While the meeting was closed to the public, commission members were available for media interviews at the conclusion of the meeting. 

The working group of State Representatives task with recommending structural changes at OKDHS announced earlier this week by Speaker Kris Steele will be working closely with the Commission in a coordinated effort to overhaul the agency.
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