Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb Completes 77 County Tour

Oklahoma City—Lt. Governor Todd Lamb announced this week that he completed his visit to each of Oklahoma’s 77 counties within his first year office. The Lt. Governor’s town hall in Latimer County this week marked his final stop on his tour around the state. This is the Lt. Governor’s third complete lap around Oklahoma, with each of his county visits serving a purpose. This is Lt. Governor Lamb’s first official 77 county tour in this office and his third 77 county tour during his career.

“These stops were not just setting foot in each county, but instead included purposeful and productive visits with town leaders and various citizens who wanted their voices heard,” said Lt. Governor Lamb. “Having been to every county before, this was also a great opportunity to revisit old friends and those I have worked with in years past. It is important to get outside of the Capitol and have personal, face to face conversations in every single county. That experience is invaluable.”

As a result of his various community meetings and town halls, the Lt. Governor is compiling a policy report that he will present to the Governor and legislative leaders. In January, this report will reflect the ideas and suggestions of various Oklahomans the Lt. Governor met across the state. The Lt. Governor heard several good ideas that will be a part of the policy report.

Some of those ideas include addressing fraud in Oklahoma’s Worker’s Compensation System, lowering the personal income tax and assessing transportation needs.

Oklahomans have always had an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that continues to move Oklahoma forward. The thoughts and ideas the Lt. Governor heard on his tour are no exception. Oklahoma is on the cusp of a renaissance. Our best days lie ahead.

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