Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fewer Bills Introduced by Bill Filing Deadline This Year

OKLAHOMA CITY  –  At the conclusion of the filing process this Thursday representatives had introduced 962 bills and 26 joint resolutions while senators introduced 972 Bills and 45 joint resolutions.
The deadline for legislators to file bills for the upcoming 2012 session was 4 p.m., January 19. 

These numbers do not include carryover bills. Carryover bills are bills that are introduced during the first regular session of the Legislature, the 2011 session in this case, and are still available during the second regular session. 

In 2011, the House reported that 1,168 substantive bills and 41 joint resolutions were filed. The Senate introduced 976 substantive bills and 45 joint resolutions by the deadline last year.
The Senate has 753 bills and 41 joint resolutions carried over from the 2011 session while there are more than 500 bills and 60 joint resolutions carried over in the House.
Appropriations bills are not subject to the deadlines pertaining to substantive bills. 
The 2012 legislative session officially begins Monday, February 6. 

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