Monday, July 23, 2012

Lamb New Chair-Elect of National Lt. Governors Association

Oklahoma City, OK—Lt. Governor Lamb joined thirty of the nation’s state and territorial seconds-in-command at the annual National Lt. Governors Association (NLGA) meeting where he was named Chair-Elect to the NLGA’s executive committee. Lamb previously served as Treasurer of the organization, elected shortly after entering his first term in office. 
“Serving in leadership at the NLGA has been an honor and I am humbled that my fellow Lt. Governors have chosen me as Chair-Elect,” said Lamb. “Oklahoma is a vibrant state full of hardworking people and I enjoy the opportunity to serve as its ambassador.”
The NLGA Executive Committee, elected annually through a Nominating Committee and approval process, is the governing body of NLGA. The Chair and Chair-elect are of opposite political parties and rotate annually. The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year.     
The 2012 meeting in Chicago marked the 50th anniversary for the NLGA.  In addition to Lt. Governor Lamb’s election, Lt. Governor Tim Murray of Massachusetts was elected Chair of the NLGA and Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts of Rhode Island was elected Treasurer. 
Last year, Lt. Governor Lamb was able to secure the 2013 annual NLGA conference in Oklahoma.
“We are very excited to have Lt. Governor Lamb serve as Chair-Elect,” said Julia Hurst, Executive Director of the NLGA. “Lt. Governor Lamb is a great advocate for his home state and we look forward to hosting our annual conference in Oklahoma next summer.”
“I look forward to another great year with the NLGA as we prepare for them to visit Oklahoma in 2013,” added Lamb.

Topics of the NLGA annual meeting focused on the top issue of Oklahoma and the nation – growing the economy and creating job opportunities. “A healthy economy requires solid transportation infrastructure and the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation shared insights with participants on the just passed federal transportation bill,” said Lt. Governor Lamb.  
The meeting allowed a solid exchange with a top official on information Oklahoma can use regarding surface transportation, ports, and aviation. One session laid out the impact of sequestration on airports and civil aviation, as well as defense and defense related industries in the states.
The topic of the economy at home and abroad was also discussed. The Chief Economist for the National Association of Homebuilders provided an overview of the U.S. housing market and shared about future energy needs to maintain a healthy manufacturing economy. A U.S. Federal Reserve economist presented new research on the volatility of state revenue and present possible state and territorial policy options. And, the Chief Economist of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange provided a look at the nation’s position in the global economy.  
“We also took a specific look at public and private sector programs available to help Oklahoma’s veterans find employment,” Lt. Governor Lamb said. The meeting highlighted the direct and indirect contributions of the creative economy in creating jobs and building community to help attract or maintain workforce in an area.
NLGA is a bi-partisan organization promoting regional collaborations and problem solving for 50-years.  See

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