Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nelson Statement on Approval of the Pinnacle Plan

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Jason Nelson (R-Oklahoma City) released the following statement regarding the approval today of the Pinnacle Plan by Children’s Rights, a New York-based advocacy group that sued the Oklahoma Department of Human Services in 2008 to in an effort to bring about agency reforms. The Pinnacle Plan is a set of DHS reforms approved by the Oklahoma Legislature this year.

"Approval of the Pinnacle Plan will be remembered as the moment the status quo started changing for the better in Oklahoma's child welfare system. The Pinnacle Plan represents the most comprehensive and aggressive reform of our state's child welfare system in this agency's history. It's clear to anyone who reviews the plan that this is not an attempt at a political quick-fix. This is a complex, long-term solution that will make a meaningful, transformational difference for Oklahoma's at-risk children. Oklahoma now stands above other states facing similar child welfare challenges due to the unwavering support of our major stakeholders, including the Legislature, the governor, the agency and all others. The public should have confidence in the plan and high expectations for the results it can bring if all stakeholders continue working together to ensure the plan's full implementation. Children in state custody will be much safer and see far better outcomes under this historic plan."

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