Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nelson, Brecheen, Sykes Comment on Gov. Fallin Signing Common Core Repeal, Replacement

The following are statements from Rep. Jason Nelson, Sen. Josh Brecheen, and Sen. Anthony Sykes on the signing of House Bill 3399.

Statement from Rep. Jason Nelson, House coauthor:

“I’m grateful to Governor Fallin for signing House Bill 3399 today. Clearly Governor Fallin gave careful consideration to the concerns of so many Oklahoman’s on both sides of the debate, and made the right decision. Gov. Fallin has been a champion of high academic standards and from her comments after signing the bill she continues to be as dedicated as ever. 

HB3399 repeals Common Core State Standards in Oklahoma and establish a process to develop new, superior standards for English and math. HB3399 has made national news because, while Oklahoma is only one of three states to reject Common Core of the 45 states that adopted it, this measure is the most comprehensive. 

A lot of work went into developing this legislation over the course of this past session. I appreciate the commitment and hard work of principle House author Speaker Jeff Hickman and Sen. Josh Brecheen, the Senate author, and coauthor Sen. Anthony Sykes. Every effort was made to address legitimate concerns raised by Oklahomans on both sides of the debate over Common Core. The Common Core academic standards have become increasingly controversial since they were adopted in Oklahoma in 2010. With the governor’s signature, the law becomes effective immediately. We can now begin the process of developing new, superior standards.”

Statement from Sen. Josh Brecheen, Senate principle author:

In standing firm on the 10th Amendment, Oklahoma is leading with the first true repeal of common core and thereby emboldening other states to follow suit.  In safeguarding our educational system from federal overreach, we are pressing the pause button and guaranteeing that our teachers will be able to teach the same math and English content they taught this year, until new standards are established in 2016. Those new standards will have to be approved by the Legislature thus bringing representative government into the process to ensure they won't be a ‘copy and paste’ version of Common Core under a new name. 

Statement from Sen. Anthony Sykes, Senate coauthor:

"HB 3399 returns Oklahoma education to Oklahomans.  I thank Governor Fallin for signing this historic piece of legislation."

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