Thursday, June 5, 2014

Speaker Jeff Hickman Comments on Gov. Fallin's Signing of HB3399

The following is a statement from House Speaker Jeff Hickman on the signing of House Bill 3399

"With Governor Fallin's signature on House Bill 3399, we now begin the process of drafting superior education standards for Oklahoma schools. We also must monitor reaction by the federal government and the possible loss of our waiver from federal education laws resulting from the repeal of Common Core standards from Oklahoma law. Going forward, I am hopeful that we are moving in a direction of Oklahoma education decisions being made more by Oklahomans and less by those outside our state and in Washington, DC. While this issue generated a hearty debate around our state, what all Oklahomans agree on is wanting a better future for our most precious asset, our children. The journey to develop a better education and that brighter future for all Oklahoma children begins today."

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