Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Parent Email on HB3393: "I wonder if he has talked to parents in his district that have applied"

"I will say that our family is very committed to and supportive of public schools and we have tried to work within the system to get services as provided for in federal ADA and IDEA Acts within our local school. I have to tell you that it is a struggle and I know from talking to other parents in a number of the local school districts that we are not alone. With some of the struggles we have had to get services, I am sympathetic to parents who are trying to avail themselves to alternatives offered under the new law.

"I do think that if the school districts are truly only interested in the constitutionality of the law and what is best for students that there are more constructive approaches. Specifically in regards to Superintendent Mendenhall's comments that 'this is more about the kids', I wonder if he has talked to parents in his district that have applied for the program to determine why and what BA schools could do to support there needs. I also wonder if he would be willing to put the associated funds into escrow while the matter is being determined. That would seem to be a reasonable accommodation if it is not about the money."

(I received this email from a parent within the last week. I've posted it because I want to share with others what I'm hearing from parents about the importance of House Bill 3393. The Parent Emails that I've been posting are a representative sample of the dozens of emails I've received because of HB3393.)
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