Tuesday, October 12, 2010

School board attorney "almost hoping" for lawsuit on House Bill 3393

Should we be surprised that the attorney is hoping for a lawsuit? I think it is important to determine how much the attorney will be paid to represent the districts in any lawsuits.

"The attorney representing all of the districts rejecting the law, Doug Mann, explained to the Union School Board before their vote that he is expecting--almost hoping--that Special Education advocacy groups will file suits against the districts to get the issue into the legal system so parents of students won't have to spend any money fighting the districts," reports Tulsa's Fox 23 News.

The report goes on to say that the, "districts are all using the same lawyer and banding together so they can share the financial burden of fighting House Bill 3393 and any subsequent lawsuits."

The districts keep protesting that their defiance is not about the money. Then they go on to explain how much the scholarships will cost the districts. If these districts are really concerned about the costs of the scholarships and the effect the scholarships will have on existing programs hopefully they will not mind explaining in similar detail how the legal costs will not negatively affect classroom programs. It's the least they could do under the circumstances.
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