Sunday, October 17, 2010

Parent Post on HB 3393: "They would never say she was dyslexic ..."

"In my daughters' Individual Education Plan they [the school district] would write " Her mother states she shows all the signs and symptoms of dyslexia" . They would never say she was dyslexic because then they would have to provide services for someone who was dyslexic. And guess what they don't have a program for dyslexics."

(I received this post from a parent within the last week. Some Tulsa area school districts are refusing to follow House Bill 3393, a new law that provides scholarships to students with disabilities. I've re-posted it because I want to share with others what I'm hearing from parents about the importance of House Bill 3393. The Parent Emails that I've been posting are a representative sample of the dozens of emails, comments and letters I've received because of HB3393.)
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