Friday, September 9, 2011

OKDHS Issues Open Letter to Employers about the Child Support Web Pay Portal

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Employers increasingly demand the same level of technological sophistication from government that they use in their businesses daily. With eighty-two percent of all child support payments coming from employers via income withholding orders, it is critical that businesses have accurate information regarding the Oklahoma Child Support Services’ Web Pay portal.

OCSS launched Web Pay in May 2005. Employers now make more than 3,000 child support payments each month safely and securely using the online Web Pay portal at Other advantages employers have found using Web Pay include:

  • Web Pay payments are less expensive and more convenient than mailing paper checks.
  • Web Pay payments are easier to manage when entering transactions into payroll software.
  • Web Pay payments provide more safeguards for the employer.
  • Web Pay payments provide same-day payment confirmation.

OCSS has been using the reliable Web Pay payment confirmation system since 2005; it has a number ofsafety features which, if followed, will prevent many entry errors.

After the user logs into the Web Pay system, keys in the amount to be paid and clicks “Update”, the details of the transaction, including the dollar amount to be remitted, appear on the “Payment Details” screen. After verifying the information, the user then clicks “Continue” or “Add Distribution” for other employees. Once all employees’ withholdings are entered, the amounts are presented a second time for the user’s review. After verifying the information, the user clicks “Submit Payment” which starts the payment transfer process. Finally, the screen shows the amount of the pending payment amounts, both as a summary and as a list showing the individual payments for each employee’s child support case. A Web Pay Payment Confirmation e-mail is sent the same day to the user with the following information:
Subject: Web Pay Payment Confirmation Web Pay child support payment has been received. Name:  Amount:  Received Amount:  Received Date: Confirmation ID:
 To learn more about how to make Web Pay work for your business, call 1-866-553-2368 Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information about Oklahoma Child Support Services, call 1-800-522-2922 or visit and select “Child Support”.

To promote healthy families, OCSS establishes, monitors and enforces reliable support while encouraging self-sufficiency and strengthening relationships. The division is responsible for more than 201,000 active child support cases, collecting $317 million last year on behalf of children and families.
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