Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OKDHS Organizational Structure Committee Announced by New Commissioner

Below is a statement by Brad Yarbrough, OKDHS Commissioner and Chair of the Organizational Structure Committee, at the Sept. 27, 2011 Commission Meeting.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman for giving this opportunity to summarize an important, future assignment of the Committee, for your support of its plan and allowing me to be its Chair.

Criticism of job performance is often the result of differing expectations placed upon the performer.  Critique, even when the expectation is well defined, is almost certain to occur.  But, without clarity of responsibilities the setting is fertile for excessive ridicule.  It’s a smart step to define expectations, publish them and build your task priorities squarely thereon.  And, when made clear they become the primary measure of success.
The Organizational Structure Committee will, as an immediate priority, study the role of the Commission.  The Committee, with assistance from others, will give attention to several sources of important information:
  1. The historical governance model of the Commission will be studied.  
  2. Analyzing the role of corporate boards will be helpful.
  3. The Constitutional and statutory requirements will be determined with the help of the Attorney General.
  4. Advice from former Commissioners and a prior agency Director will be sought.
  5. A survey will be taken from the Governor’s staff and Legislative leaders.
  6. Director Hendrick and agency personnel will be given the opportunity to provide input. 
Members of this Commission have, no doubt, varying interpretations of its role.  On one extreme, no one is na├»ve enough to believe a Commission should micro manage the DHS.  On the other, all believe it would be irresponsible to accept some perfunctory role.  Our place is not out towards either extreme.  It’s in that space where the requirement to provide responsible oversight is equal to the capacity of volunteer members to do so.  
For the record, Mr. Chairman, it’s been my privilege to visit with each Commissioner in recent days.  I’m impressed that every Member of this Commission is serving with a fervent desire to help fellow Oklahomans and each regards their duty as being critically important.
This committee’s assignment is timely and essential and each Commissioner supports the effort.  My hopes are that a summary report will be presented to this body within ninety days.   Thank you Mr. Chairman.
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