Thursday, November 1, 2012

I need your help in the closing days of the campaign

Campaign HQ - I need your help for a strong finish to my reelection campaign. I can use your help anytime between now and when the polls close in five days. I need your help whether you can only volunteer for an hour to cover a few blocks or you can spend a day covering an entire precinct. This is the first election in the new district lines and voter contact and visibility the last few days will make the difference for many voters. 

I need help door-knocking, distributing flyers and putting out signs. It’s easy and the weather is great. I’m sure your doctor would recommend a little fresh air, a low impact cardio workout and some light lifting.

Please call (946-8838), email (, message or text me. 

Volunteers made the difference in the first two campaigns and they will this time too. 

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