Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oklahoma House of Representatives Swears in One Last Member

OKLAHOMA CITY –State Rep. Aaron Stiles this evening became the final member to be sworn in by the Oklahoma House of Representatives for the upcoming Oklahoma Legislature. The swearing in came shortly after a drawn out recount and legal battle that stalled certification of the election for weeks.

"I'm just glad to be putting this whole thing behind us, and I'm ready to continue my service to the people of House District 45," said Stiles, R-Norman. "I am proud and honored to be representing the people of my district. I will spend these next two years the same way I spent the first two: putting politics aside in order to get things done for District 45 and the state of Oklahoma."

After a recount showed Stiles the winner by 16 votes, his challenger filed a number of petitions claiming "irregularities" in the election proceedings. However, the district court in Norman sided with Stiles, clearing the way for the election results to be certified.

Immediately after the court ruling, the Cleveland County Election Board certified the results and transmitted them to the State Election Board, which then certified the results and created an official certificate of election.

With the certification complete and the certificate of election in hand, the Chief Clerk of the House then was able to swear in Rep. Stiles.

"It has been a very hectic month," said Stiles. "Now that this is finally done, I'm looking forward to getting back to work and serving my constituents. That's the whole reason I ran for office to begin with."

Stiles said he will immediately begin working on getting legislation filed for the upcoming session, along with other official duties to prepare for next session.

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