Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OCPA Website Empowers Oklahomans To Hold Government Accountable

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs recently unveiled a new transparency website The site allows anyone to search, in a very user-friendly format, financial data for state government. The data for the website comes from the Oklahoma Office of State Finance, but the site uses innovative business-intelligence software called QlikView which allows for fast navigation through the data.

Jonathan Small, Fiscal Policy Director for OCPA, points out in a statement:

"In years past, scrutiny of Oklahoma government spending largely has been reserved for a few powerful legislators, staffers, and the occasional lucky journalist who stumbles upon a confidential tip. changes all that. As the name implies, it gives citizens the ability to search the accounts—and thus empowers citizens to bring accountability to government."

I have included this new website in my State Government Links on this blog. I continue to encourage my constituents and all Oklahomans to take advantage of sites like this and to share your thoughts and findings with your legislators. I appreciate OCPA's work on fiscal responsibility and transparency in State government. 
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