Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Temple Grandin Interviewed About Autism And Education

Rob McClendon, Host of the OETA show Oklahoma Horizon interviews Dr. Temple Grandin, a top advocate in the understanding of Autism, and also respected for the invention of more humane animal handling practices. 

Grandin is a person with high-functioning Autism. Her life was the subject of an HBO film released in 2010 which was nominated for 15 Emmys winning five awards. 

This interview took place last summer when Grandin was in Stillwater to receive an award on the OSU campus. The show aired last fall. 

In this part of the interview Grandin discusses the importance of the right education for children with Autism. I was interviewed at the same time about House Bill 3393, the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program, which had recently been signed into law. She is a fascinating person and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit with her between interviews about the importance of students with Autism receiving the right kind of education. 

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