Thursday, June 9, 2011

State Superintendent Janet Barresi Announces IT Restructuring Plan

More than $4 Million in Savings Projected

State Superintendent Janet Barresi this week unveiled a comprehensive information technology restructuring plan in concert with the Office of State Finance projected to save the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) more than $4 million over the next six years and nearly $650,000 in fiscal year 2012.

“In this tight budget environment, we owe it to Oklahoma’s children and the state’s taxpayers to make every penny count,” said Superintendent Barresi. “Earlier this year, I unveiled a comprehensive policy platform to transform education in our state. The 3R Agenda will rethink, restructure and reform Oklahoma’s education system. Today’s announcement on our technology plan is a major part of the second ‘R,’ restructuring. We’re achieving cost savings right away, and operating this agency in the most efficient and effective manner possible.”

“As I’ve said before, much of our state government operates on eight-track technology in an iPod world,” said Governor Mary Fallin. “Our proposal to consolidate IT resources will lead to significant savings for Oklahoma taxpayers while allowing agencies to maintain and even improve the quality of services they provide to taxpayers. This is a great step forward as we work to make government more efficient and effective, and I commend Superintendent Barresi and the Department of Education for taking the lead in this effort.”

In late May, Governor Fallin signed into law House Bill 1304, a key reform in her efforts to modernize state government. The new law consolidates and restructures the state’s aging IT infrastructure under the authority of the new state Chief Information Officer. Oklahoma’s IT infrastructure currently consists of a chaotic assembly of various email systems, computer hardware and telephone systems.

To implement the SDE plan, the State Department of Education has been working Office of State Finance information technology personnel over the past few months. Oklahoma’s Chief Information Officer, Alex Pettit, says the plan will involve updated computers within SDE, an improved and more efficient telephone system, standardized email and calendaring and an improved WiFi system.

Another component of the plan calls for a transfer of staff positions. Staff technology positions which are currently employed by OSDE will become roles within OSF after July 1, though many positions will remain onsite at OSDE’s headquarters located in the Oliver Hodge Building in the State Capitol Complex.

“We’re very fortunate that Superintendent Barresi and the entire leadership team from the State Department of Education have embraced this transformation of information technology services,” said Pettit. “Consolidation of IT services will enable the State Department of Education to invest in services that make a difference in supporting the mission of the agency.”
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