Monday, January 3, 2011

The Littleton Family looks to start a school to help children like son Solomon

Eric and Marci Littleton are under pressure financially as they try to care for their son Solomon who has developed a rare neurological disease.

“On the good days, honestly, you're numb. You are so thankful. On the bad days you just couldn't hardly function or breathe,” Eric Littleton said.

I met Eric Littleton this summer. I'm impressed by his will to help his son and to help other families in a similar situation. I have two children, eight and four. When Eric tells me about the helplessness of watching Solomon fade into the shadows I catch myself not breathing. I can't imagine what it must be like for the the Littleton family to go through this. I do know they have a strong faith in God.

The Littletons want to start a school to help children like Solomon.

Solomon Littleton
To try to help families like theirs, the couple is seeking support to open a school in Edmond for children with a range of communication disorders, called Isaiah 35 School for Communication Disorders.
“Our hope is he will talk. Our hope is he will be independent. Our hope is he will be able to hold down a job. Our hope is he will get married and have a life as normal as anyone else,” Marci Littleton said.

I'm working with Eric and other families as well as a group of legislators to help find solutions to some of the challenges they face. Please pray for these families and that God will give us all wisdom as we work on these issues. 

Visit the Littleton's website at
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