Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tulsa school board voted this evening to process all future Henry Scholarships

The Tulsa School Board voted unanimously this evening to process all future Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship applications.

This is good news for those parents whose hopes of placing their children in other schools using the scholarship were dashed last fall when the board voted to only process the first six applications. The board made the right decision this evening.

I look forward to working with superintendents and board members that are willing to sit down and discuss the concerns they have with the scholarship program in a rational way.

I will be filing legislation later this week in an effort to improve the law. I'm sure there will be things included in the bill that will make some people happy and some people mad but it will serve as a starting point for, hopefully, a sincere, constructive discussion over the next four months of the legislative session.

Location:E 31st St,Tulsa,United States

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