Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School Districts Estimate HB 3393 Lawsuit Costs

The four Tulsa area school districts that are suing Attorney General Scott Pruitt have estimated the minimum cost of the lawsuit at $66,515. I think this is likely the starting point - my guess is that the cost will only increase from this point. It should be noted that they are quick to explain in great detail what the scholarships supposedly cost but they mask the estimated cost of their lawsuit. Here is the Q&A from the Union website:
Q: How much will this lawsuit cost?
A: The districts involved in this lawsuit have agreed to share in the cost, and should other districts join in the lawsuit, the costs will be further divided.  With only the four districts participating, it is estimated that this lawsuit will cost $1.56 per student over the course of the suit.   
Current enrollment for the four districts is 42,638: Jenks, 10,371; Union, 14,931; Broken Arrow, 16,732; and Liberty, 604. 

They were not willing to stay the course and continue to ignore HB 3393 because board members would have been required to pay their own legal bills in any legal action brought by the Attorney General. Evidently it's a lot cheaper to sue the Attorney General and to charge it to the students. 
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