Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tulsa World Q&A with Superintendent-elect Barresi

Tulsa World reporter Andrea Eger visits with Superintendent-elect Janet Barresi about several issues including school choice and what's next on HB 3393.

Q: Will you recommend that the state Board of Education take any action against the Tulsa-area school districts that have yet to comply with House Bill 3393, the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities?

A: I am very disappointed in the rash way in which they proceeded on this, and in the strongest terms possible I am going to first urge them to reverse their positions. I will be communicating with Attorney General (-elect Scott) Pruitt to explore any type of remedies I have through the state Board of Education or that the attorney general can take in this matter.

Q: In the future, would you support any expansion of the scholarships or even vouchers for students who don't have special needs?

A: I have always been a supporter of competition in schools and choice for parents. I will continue to support that as long as good policy is developed with an eye toward creating new and varied opportunities for students that has a strong, strong accountability component to it.

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