Thursday, January 6, 2011

OkieWomen Blog lists top legislative items

The OkieWomen Blog has posted a list of legislative issues that are slated to be considered this session that are of special interest to women.

The adoption reform effort I've been a part of for the last three years is among the issues listed.

Possible 2011 Legislative Topics

Adoption - (Not currently above reproach) A legislative task force in 2010 looked at need for more regulation. Maybe require agencies and attorneys to report private adoptions (now only those through DHS are tracked). Co-chair of task force Rep Jason Nelson.

Bullying - An interim study has been looking at ways to reduce bulling in public schools. According to Rep Anastasia Pittman there were 259 cases of bullying that resulted in physical injury in Oklahoma public schools last year and another 10,537 cases that didn’t result in injury. School districts had 1, 431 cases of bullying where the victim was a teacher or staff member at the school. Speakers at a recent public meeting on bullying included Jessica Hawkins (Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment), Carey Hinchey (Heart of a Champion), Martina Hawkins (Choctaw Nation Healthy Lifestyles) and Kirk Smalley, father of Ty Fields, an 11-year old Oklahoman who committed suicide after being bullied in school.

Child Welfare ....

See all legislative topics listed at OkieWomen

The OkieWoman Blog is maintained by Jean Warner of Oklahoma City. Warner promotes projects that empower women and girls in Oklahoma.

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